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Lammerskraal Stud

An old wheat farm was purchased in 1983 with the help of John Kramer and developed. Emphasis being placed on developing very good irrigated mixed pasture and practical infrastructure. The following top class racehorses have been bred and raised on Lammerskraal in a reasonably short history:


Abashiri, Aquila Rapax,  Celtic Grove, Citius, Donya, Fine Feather, Flaming Corn, Gay Regina, Hinterland, Ice Cube, Kale, Lion Prince, Mastabeam, Seraphos, Set Afire, Surveyor, Weston Blaze, Yard Arm, Drift Ice, Fair Maiden, Halo Hunter, T.Rex, Jagged Ice, Like It Hot, Lion Tamer, Next Spring, Winona, Bound To Travel, Centaur, Braggadacio, Nania, Buran, Carry On Katie, Rudra, Nevvay, Senor Versace, Brutal Force, Red Ray,

Sires at stud:
Go Deputy R 20 000
Visionaire R40 000

 Sally Jordaan

PO Box 489, Ceres, 6835
Tel: 023 312 1357
Fax: 023 312 1509
Cell: 083 325 2686

Stallions standing at this Stud.