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When you mention the name Zandvliet the immediate reaction is Paulie de Wet, wine and horses. The one is incomplete without the other. But let us look briefly where it all started. In 1695 Jacobus de Wet (forefather) arrives from Amsterdam as an official of The Dutch East India Company where he becomes cellarmaster. Zandvliet is proclaimed and named as a 5000 morgen entity by the Cape Colonial Government. In 1870 it was purchased by JS De Wet (great- grandfather) who divides the property between two sons during the latter part of the 1890’s. This was the birth of Excelsior (Stephen, Freddie and Veronica de Wet( Foulkes ),

Prospect (Malcolm and later Louis de Wet) and Zandvliet (Paul Johannes)

In 1901 Paul J de Wet born 1880 bought from his sickly brother Ernest the portion Zandvliet. He was a very successful farmer concentrating mainly on the production of sweet Jerepigo wine for which he won the Reserve Champion Fortified red at Goodwood in 1936. These wines were made from SHIRAZ planted in the early 1900’s. He also farmed with ostriches, until 1914 when they were wiped out with bird flu ,and bred smart Hackneys and later thoroughbreds. Later he acquired the farm Voorsorg ( brandy distilling) and Killowen near Hanover which was famous for its Wanganella Merino Stud, the latter farmed by his eldest son Billy.

Paul Snr ran a successful throuhbred stud winning as fair share of races. After Horse-sickness virtually wiped out the stud animals, Paul Junior born 1920 (Paulie) started the regrowth of the modern stud as we know it today. After Paul Snr’s death in 1946) Paulie managed the stud for his brother WN de Wet( Billy) and himself.

All horses not registered in the Stud Book were turfed out and during 1949, a third share was acquired in the stallions Grassgreen and L’Aretin which became the first to be syndicated in South Africa. The fillies Bovinvar (Boveney x Inverlassie) dam of Invardan and Highland Chief , BONEEN ( Boveney x Kantele dam of Topwalk and Double Decker and the mares Filcar, Rodcar and Toucar from the late John Huelin ( May Zoccala’s father) were added.

During the early 50’s and 60’s with the assistance of Keith Freeman, a British Bloodstock Agent, Paulie imported well-bred mares that formed the basis of a strong local stud. With booming agriculture and a strong Rand it was the order of the day for local breeders to shop at the Newmarket sales in England.

In 1952 Double Eclipse ( Hyperion X Doubleton) was bought and in 1954 Chris de Wet’s entire select stud was acquired including MIAZZINA.

In 1954 NOBLE CHIEFTAIN ( Nearco) was jointly acquired with Malcolm de Wet.

He was a famous horse, Champion Sire for three consecutive seasons, Champion Broodmare Sire and gave the stud access to every avenue of the breeding industry.

With all these successes the stud progressed quickly and became a major branch of the farming operation at Zandvliet.

The first Yearlings were offered at the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society during 1954 and here GALLICAN realised 500gns and later won 10 races for Reggie Passmore. At the age of 34 Paulie built his dream house, now the manor at Zandvliet. In 1955 the first Double Eclipses were offered. Two colts were bought by the famous Syd Garret on behalf of Mr and Mrs Warwick Bryant. A Felix ll colt was knocked down to Capt. Gordon Kirkpatrick. The three colts broke the SA record for a total of 8,300gns.

Double Eclipse was sold back to the USA for 25,000 pounds and this money was used to acquire fillies at the Newmarket Dec Sales. They included POPCORN one of Zandvliet’s foundation mares.

In 1962 Malcolm de Wet sold his stud and Great Day from Bovidae (Sospina) and Sailor Beware ll were acquired, the latter to be Broodmare of the Year afterwards.

The stud thrived during the next 15 to 20 years.

Paulie’s youngest son Daniel born 1953 joined the stud operation in 1977 while Paul jnr born 1948 armed with a Viticuculture and winemaking Degree from Stellenbosch concentrated on the wine farm and honed his skills as a top winemaker and his famous romance with Shiraz.

Dan matriculated at the Diocesan College in 1971. After Naval training in Simonstown he attended Elsenburg College and received his Diploma in Animal Husbandry and Viticulture at end of 1975. In 1977 he did 6 months with Coolmore Stud in Ireland to learn the tricks of the trade under Christie Grassick. He was also fortunate to see The Minstrel win the Epsom Derby. At the end of that year he joined Paulie on the stud. Paulie was a meticulous man and tried to instil a culture of “ perfection”. There was only one method – everything had to “‘right”. The vines had to be planted exactly, the lambs were the fattest, and the horses fed only the best home-grown Lucerne, and the magnificent parstures the lushest. Only the best grade oats was imported from the Freddie Duckitt in Darling. (The oats in Darling has high quantities of copper, the Robertson Valley being deficient.) With all this attention to detail it was no surprise that he won the coveted Gold Cup for the best tuned out yearling at the Rand Easter Sales no less than four times. Zandvliet has a proud history of producing handsome-looking stock. Paulie was a master salesman, a big charmer and had a personality larger-than- life.

Numerous top horses have been bred and raised on its pastures and have won every major race in the country.

Top Zandvliet Breds

(Feature placed in small print)

1948 to 1956

Greensong (1948) by Grassgreen – 6 wins
GOLLIWOG ( 1949) by L’Aretin – 8 wins inc Johannesburg Gold Reef Hcp and Tvl Province Hcp
LAMPADIST( 1949) by L’Aretin – 8 wins inc Union Day Hcp
Chopstick (1950) by L’Aretin – 13 wins
FILARIX (1951) by Felix ll – 7 wins inc Chairman’s Hcp
TINSMITH (1952) by L’Aretin – 20 wins inc Queen Elizabeth Stakes
RODFEL ( 1952 ) by Felix ll – 10 wins inc Union Day Hcp
DOUBLE DECKER (1953) by Double Eclipse – 12 wins inc Charles Marx Mem
DOUBLE FIRST ( 1953) by Double Eclipse – 8 wins inc Settlers Gold Cup
Double Green ( 1953) By Double Eclipse – 9 wins
Lamp ( 1953) by Felix ll– 8 wins
CATCAR (1954) by Felix ll –9 wins inc Woolavington Hcp
Royal Styx ( 1954 ) by Royal Chaplain – 13 wins
Miazzo ( 1955) by Double Eclipse – 9 wins
Master Green ( 1956 ) by Double Eclipse – 10 wins
INVARDAN (1956) by Abadan ll – 9 wins inc Victory Hcp

1957 to 1977

ANN’s CAPRICE ( 1957) f by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins inc Germiston City
Fairy Knowe (1957) f by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins-
FIORELLA (1957) f by Fairthorn – 3 wins inc Festival Juv
ABERFOYLE ( 1960) f by Abadan ll – 9 wins inc Ascot Three Thousand
HIGHLAND CHIEF (1960) by Noble Chieftain – 8 wins inc Woolavington Cup
MAJOR CHERRY ( 1960) by Drum Beat – 10 wins inc Java Hcp
TOBASCO (1960) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc Newmarket Anniversary
Carmela ( 1960) f by Noble Chieftain – 11 wins
Ben Ezra ( 1960) by Noble Chieftain – 6 wins
ATTY PERSE ( 1961) by Noble Chieftain – 10 wins inc Matchem Stakes
TYMPANIST ( 1961) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc Natal Free Hcp
NESTOR ( 1961) by Preamble – 10 wins inc Sidney Benjamin Hcp
TULLE ll f ( 1961) by Noble Chieftain – 4 wins inc Ladies Mile
King Canute ( 1961) by True Cavalier – 4 win
PETER BEWARE (1962) by Noble Chieftain – 13 wins inc The Met, QueensPlate
SWEET SUDAN (1962) f by Noble Chieftain – 8 wins inc Majorca Stakes
ANNAGONDA (1962) f by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins inc Counrty Cousin
GLENGYLE (1962) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc Durban Merchants
CARADOC ( 1963) by Noble Chieftain 15 wins inc Castle Tankard , Champion
Stakes, Dunlop Gold Cup, Jockeys Inter National etrc
Zena (1963) f by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins
SUNSHOT (1963) f by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins inc Paddock Stakes
SAFE RETURN ( 1963) f by Noble Chieftain – 4 wins inc Gosforth Park F&mares
JOLLY JACK ( 1963) by Noble Chieftain – 11 wins inc WP Colts Nursery
Ashplant (1964) f by Herculaneum – 6 wins
Treasure Trove (1964) f by Herculaneum – 3 wins
NELSON’S PEARL ( 1964) by Oligarchy – 7 wins inc Charls Marx Mem
Caribhai ( 1964) by Oligarchy – 6 wins
GOLDWATER (1965) by Oligarchy – 11 wins inc Cape Nursery,Clairwood Winter
SALAMAN (1965) by Wilwyn – 12 wins inc Hawaii Stakes
Fioretti (1965) f by Noble Chieftain – 3 wins
Zelda (1965) f by Oligarchy – 3 wins
HOME TRUTH (1966) by Noble Chieftain – 10 wins inc Gordon’s Gin, 2nd JulyHc
DON COSSACK (1966) by Drum Beat – 9 wins inc Gilbeys Stakes, Clairwood Mer
Catalina ( 1966) by Noble Chieftain – 4 wins
Ashtontown (1966) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins
Rycroft (1966) by Oligarchy – 7 wins
Concerto ( 1966) by Oligarchy – 8 wins
CORNICE (1967) f by Oligarchy – 9 wins inc SA NURSERY
DAVY JONES ( 1967) by Preamble ll – 11 wins inc Germiston Nov, Int Jocks
CANDID (1967) by Noble Chieftain – 11 wins inc Tvl Cesarewitch
Tukutezi (1967) f by Noble Chieftain – 4 wins
Carolus (1967) by Oligarchy – 11 wins
Melody Market (1967) f by Oligarchy – 12 wins
Bayardoz ( 1967) by Oligarchy – 6 wins
Flyover (1967) by Initial ll – 6 wins
CHARLIE BROWN (1968) by Beau Charles – 12 wins inc Natal free Hcp
NORTH ROAD ( 1968) by Noble Chieftain – 10 wins Germiston City Hcp
ANDROMEDA (1968) f by Oligarchy – 4 wins
Rum Baba (1968) by Noble Chieftain – 4 wins
Magnus ll (1968) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins
SUB DEB ( 1968) by Oligarchy – 3 wins inc Jockey Club Stakes
Titbit ( 1969) by Morland ll – 5 wins
Genevieve (1969) f by Noble Chieftain – 5 wins
Azul ( 1969) by Noble Chieftain – 11 wins
TOP FLOOR ( 1969) by Morland ll – 11 wins inc Benson & Hedges Stakes
ACE O SPADES (1970) by Persian Wonder – 9 wins inc Gordons’Gin Hcp
BANNERLAD (1970) by Drum Beat – 10 wins inc TBA Newmarket Stakes
Amber ll (1970) f by Morland ll 5 wins
Sunburst (1970) by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins
DJANGO (1971) by Morland ll – 12 wins inc Ralph Price Hcp
SODA FOUNTAIN ( 1971 ) by Noble Chieftain – 11 wins inc Kings Cup
BARI (1971) by Noble Chieftain – 7 wins inc Len Harvey mem
Plant ( 1971)f by Persian Wonder – 4 wins
Cornwall (1971) by Oligarchy – 7 wins
Caspar ( 1971) by Morland ll – 6 wins
TERMOLI ( 1972) f by New South Wales – 10 wins inc Cape Nursery
WHITEOAK (1972) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc Woolavington WFA
MAIN BRACE ( 1973) by New South Wales – 10 wins inc Boland Breeders
Say It (1973) f by Jamaico – 5 wins
ADRIAN (1974) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc Wells Mem
On the Cob (1974) by Jamaico – 7 wins
Tuckshop ( 1974) f by New South Wales – 6 wins
Saccaharum ( 1974) by St Cuthbert – 10 wins and pl settlers Trophy
LAWN ll ( 1975) by Persian Wonder – 11 wins inc Java Hcp
WILD ASH (1975) f by New South Wales- 7 wins inc Cape Fillies Guineas CH
CORN ( 1975) f by Dapper – 7 wins inc TR Lewis mem
MEXICALIAN (1975) by Mexico ll – 9 wins inc EP Champion Stakes
Bold Cavalier (1975) by Plum Bold – 7 wins
Nucat ( 1976) f by New South Wales – 6 wins
NOBLE VICTORY (1976) by Noble Chieftain – 9 wins inc In Full Flight Stakes Dan
Satin Slipper (1977) f by Folmar – 6 wins
CAPE CORN (1977) by Jamaico – 9 wins inc Silver Jubilee
SONNY BLUE (1977) by Tessason – 7 wins inc Tvl Cesarewitch
MEXICAN (1977) by Mexico ll – 9 wins inc J Dorfman Mem,
KIEPERSOL (1977) by Plumbold – 7 wins inc Natal Guineas

1978 – 2000

SMACKEROO (1978) by Mexico ll – 14 wins inc Computaform Sprint, SANursery
No Comment ( 1978 by Folmar – 9 wins inc A Div
Tipsy Tart ( 1978) f by Copper de Luxe – 4 wins
Nibble (1978) f by Selenio – 4 wins
Avion (1978 by Folmar – 9 wins
Solaris (1978) by Copper de Luxe – 5 wins
CUPPA T (1979) f by Peacable Kingdom – 5 wins inc Exec Fashion Stakes
WATERSIDER (1979) by Folmar – 8 wins inc Matchem Stakes
MOCCASIN (1980) by Mexico ll – 7 wins inc Smirnoff
LOTUS LAND (1980) by Peacable Kingdom – 5 wins inc JG Hollis Mem
Brubaker (1980) by PlunBold – 7 wins inc A Div
Romeo’s Song (1981 ) by Sweet Song – 7 wins and pl 2nd Matchem S
WILD WEST (1981) by New South Wales – 8 wins inc J&B MET, SA 2000 CH
KING KAUL (1981) by Trocadero – 8 wins inc Rupert Ellois Brown Mem
MAYFAIR ( 1981) by Folmar – 9 wins inc Adiv & Nomads
BRANDYBALL (1981) by Folmar – 10 wins inc Jos Dorf Mem
AMBERLAD (1982 ) by Folmar – 6 wins inc JWS Langerman
HARRY HILL (1982) by Mecca Road – 8 wins inc Computaform Sprint
BAIN”S KLOOF ( 1982) by Mecca Road – 5 wins inc Sun Casino
Fizzy Lizzy (1982) f by Copper de Luxe – 6 wins
Kiev (1982) by Be Glorius – 7 wins inc A Div
Si Signor (1982) by Mexico ll – 6 wins
Urban Cowboy (1983 ) by Folmar – 8 wins inc pl Tab OFS
SUSAN’S IDOL ( 1983) f by Folmar – 5 wins inc Executive Fashion Stakes
Pepper Street (1983) by Mecca Road – 9 wins inc WFA Stakes
Justerini (1983 ) by Esplendor – 8 wins and pl Merchants Gr2
Big Flirt (1984 ) by Flirting Around – 4 wins and pl Tvl Tat Bookmakers Hcp
Beatstreet (1984 ) by Dancing Champ – 6 wins and pl Basil Starke
COOLSTAR (1984) by Singh – 6 wins inc SA 2000
SUSAN’S DREAM (1984) f by Esplendor – 8 wins inc SA Fillies Spr
Raisa (1984) f by Really and Truly – 4 wins
CORNGLOW (1985) f by Dancing Champ – 6 wins
Cape Smoke ( 1985) f by Singh – 2 wins and pl WP Futurity
SEVEN-A-SIDE (1986) f by Condorcet – 8 wins inc Germ Nov Consol
Dream Child ( 1986) f by Condorcet – 6 wins inc A Div
Castlewood ( 1986 f by Roland Gardens – 7 wins inc A Div
Peak Beat ( 1987) f by Elevation – 7 wins inc A Div
Switzerland ( 1987) by Freedomland – 5 wins
Mabelle ( 1987)f by Folmar – 5 wins
Master Magnum (1987) by Condorcet – 6 wins
FAST GUN (1988) by Mexico ll – 6 wins inc Topsport Bloodline Million
LEMON AND LME (1988) f by Dancing Champ – 7 wins inc TAB OFS Fill&mares
LALLISA ( 1989) f by Ginistrelli – 4 wins inc Breedsers Challenge
SUSAN’S ELECT (1989) by Dancing Champ – 4 wins inc Gosforth Park Fill &M
Crimson Crown ( 1989) by Sunny North – 2 wins inc pl in feat
FINE THINGS (1990 ) f by Dancing Champ -3 wins inc Post Natal Slipper
La Bouquet (1990) f by Folmar – 2 wins and pl Gosforth Park Fill Fut.
Aqua Via (1990) by Waterville Lake 6 wins and pl Tab Sprint OFS
GOLDEN GLOBE (1991) by Golden Thatch – 8 wins inc Germiston Nov
Wild Rush ( 1992) f by Rampaging Native – 2 wins and pl Gosforthpark Fill Fut Gr2
DADDY’S OWN (19 ) f by Dapper – 2 wins inc Juv Free Hcp
Corn Gold (1994 ) by Best By Test – 1 win and pl Snow Crywagen
PAULO’S PLACE (1994) by Hard Up – 7 wins inc Vaal Bookmakers hcp
Madam Butterfly (1996) by Al Mufti – 5 wins and pl Tony Ruffel H, etc
Disneyland (1996) by Pas de Quoi –
England Swings (1997) by Al Mufti
Spring Bloom (1998 ) f by Sunny North – 3 wins and pl Post Natal Golden Slipper
Summer Tan (1998) f by Centenary – 3 ins and pl Winter Oaks
Ultrasound (1998)
ALIBAMA (1999 ) by Argosy – 9 wins PE Gold Cup

2000 – 2010

SWARTLAND (2000 ) by Western Winter – 6 wins inc Germ Nov Hcp
Rebel Chief (2000) by Qui Danzig – 6 wins inc pl East Cape Guineas
POCKET POWER (2002) by Jet Master – 16 Wins inc J&B Met(3),Queens Plate(3)
Duban July joint etc CH Racehorse 2007 and 2009
Justamossa ( 2002 ) by Mr Justice – 2 wins and pl 3rd Oaks Gr2
Vertical Takeoff (2005) by Jet Master
Victoriana (2006) f by Jet Master


The stud functions with excellent and well-kept stabling. It houses four stallion-boxes, 70 stables, a large foaling-unit, hay-sheds and 30 ha of grazing paddocks and camps. It produces enough Lucerne-, Teff- and Oathay for its own use. Mr Jonathan Swanepoel , his father a previous groom, manages the day-to-day routine care of all stud stock and has grown in stature over the years ..his dedication and loyalty unprecedented.

The Metropolitan Handicap

One of the most prestigious, historical and glamorous horseraces run at Kenilworth Cape Town over 2000.

The first “Met” was run in 1909 and won by BILLY BOOSEY

Zandvliet Stud won this race (Benson and Hedges) for the first time with PETER BEWARE by Noble Chieftain out of Champion Broodmare Sailor Beware ll, trained by the legendry Terrrance Millard and ridden by Bert Abercrombie and owned by Paul J de Wet (Paulie) born 1920. He won 12 other races inc the Queen’s Plate Gr1. ARCSA Champion Older Horse 1968

WILD WEST by New South Wales out of Wild Ash gave Zandvliet their second winner in 1986 (run as the J&B Metropolitan Stakes). He was trained by Ralph Rixon, brother-in-law to Terrance millard, and ridden by Greg Holme and owned by the Circle Seven Syndicate.

POCKET POWER duly obliged in 2007,8, 9 voted Champion Racehorse in 2007 and 2008. He has won 16 in total inc the Queen’s Plate Three times 2007/8/9. By Champion Sire JET MASTER out of the mare STORMSVLEI. He is owned by Messrs Marsh Shirtliff and Arthur Webber and ridden by Jeff Lloyd. Trained by genius Mike Bass and his daughter Candice Robinson. Pocket Power has won the admiration of the public and his efforts have broken longstanding records.

To commemorate the recent achievements of both cellar and stud, Zandvliet is bottling a limited release in magnums of its Zandvliet Kalkveld Shiraz 2003 under the ‘Three Champions’ label (in celebration of the three ‘Met’ winners bred on the farm). The grapes for this wine are grown on the sloping ground rich in limestone that makes up the distinctive terroir known as the farm’s eponymous kalkveld.


At the 1998 Natal Broodmare Sale held at Summerhill Stud, Dan purchased

the 12 year-old in foal to Damascus Gate for a mere R20, 000. Being a keen student of ‘ Tesio Power” this mare came up trumps. The remarks he made in his catalogue is that she was deep but lacked quarters. She was a perfect genetic match for most of the top sires of the day. The catalogue read as follows;

Dam of;

1994 colt Easy Option by Flirting Around, placed at 2
1995 colt No Option by Elliodor ,
1996 colt Last Option by All Fired Up, yearling
1997 not covered

But the second dam DISTANT ECHOES, 7 wins, had bred HARRY’S ECHO by Harry Hotspur with 13 wins and Champion Sprinter of 1988.

Then disappointment – the first foal by Damascus Gate, a filly, was a runt born with a cleft pallet. She was destroyed as a yearling, probably due punishment for naming her Stokkiesbaai, a nickname for Stormsvlei, a hamlet near Rivier-sonder-end and halfway -pub between Robertson and Struisbaai that local farmers frequent)

In 1988 she visited Western Winter on a R8000 life foal ticket and produced Snow in Summer, later renamed Maximum Break. (1999) She was a beautiful yearling full of quality and sold for a handsome 160k (the second highest price), knocked down to Ian Veldman. She won 4 races.

Her 2000 colt, Stormberg, by Freedom Land is still running for Pietie Giliomee and co and has notched up 8 wins to date.

Enter JET MASTER…Dan’s ‘Tesio’ did a double summersault when paired with Stormsvlei and armed with 12k the mating was booked. It is easy to be wise afterwards but Jet Master, a great performer on the turf and a great looking horse just had to make it. Zandvliet sent three other mares that first year. Pocket’s pedigree abounds with excellence and balance, the ultimate mating. He is inbred 5x 5 to HERBAGER a tough French stayer and Champion 3 yold. The mating was repeated the following year but sadly the mare was sold with RIVER JETEZ in-utero. She is no slouch and has bagged 7 wins in top company to date Stormsvlei at the ripe old age of 20 is now in retirement at Zandvliet and will be allowed the ‘ fat of the land’ until her dying day.

Pocket Power was born on Saturday 28th September 2002 without much excitement; after all, his dam had bred nothing to date. He was a lively chap and one of those inquisitive foals that normally end up putting their heads in the wrong place. He grew strong and became a magnificent yearling. He had a tremendous girth and sloping shoulder with a good keen stride.

He was picture perfect at the Cape Summer Yearling Sales. He was a sensible ypungster, calm in the box, but at walking time he was a handful for his groom Michael Papiso. He was the type of horse that took charge, led the pack and caught the eye of every astute horseman.

The TBA had an incentive drive that year at the sales and the breeder of the top lot would be flown to Dubai with his companion. John Koster had lot a Kabool colt that fetched 200k. …The race was on. Pocket came up late in the sale and bidding was brisk. Everybody had a go …Eagle Eye Colin Palm was there, Piet Steyn had a go, but Mike Bass stuck to his guns and the hammer knocked at 190k …but my trip to Dubai was not to be. The flamboyant Marsh Shirtliff had his champ and the Arthur Webber; top pig breeder and natures’ gentleman joined him.

Pocket was nurtured by his trainer Mike Bass and allowed to mature before he became a serious racehorse. He never raced at two and was unplaced in his first three starts. He cleaned up the Cape Winter season as was crowned The Tripple Crown King. The rest is history.

Undoubtedly, the professional team of horsemen and – women that nurtured him throughout his career, have been instrumental in his success. The training team of Mike, Carol, Candice, Robert, Trevor, Danny; jockeys Jeff Lloyd, Bernard Fayd’Herbe; farriers Greg Dabbs, Mark Moody and groom BoyBoy Jevu are masters at their art.

Pocket’s laidback attitude, tremendous guts and heart stopping finishes will long be remembered by his adoring fans throughout the world.

Written by Dan de Wet

Edited by Paul de Wet

Dan De Wet

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