The National Board of The National Horseracing Authority considered complaints made against the 6 point merit rating increase instituted on 1 August 2013.

Mindful of criticism that the increase may have had the unintended consequence of disadvantaging certain categories of horses, including the international ratings of South African horses, the Board determined to appoint the following to fully consider all issues pertinent to this matter including the merit and detail of the complaints, the extent of any disadvantage, and to appropriately assess whether any error of research, rationality, process or communication was made.

In order to fully inform itself of all facts and consequences, the Review Board hereby invites written submissions by 8 November 2013 or oral representations to be heard at the NHA offices at Turffontein on 11 November 2013. Appointments for oral representation can be made through the office of the Chief Executive.

The Review Board will comprise Robin Bruss, Patrick Davis, Graeme Hawkins and David McGillivray.

Denzil J Pillay
Chief Executive

Tel. +27 11 683 9283
Fax +27 11 434 1636


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