Positive start for CBC Equine Programme

Positive start for CBC Equine Programme
Level Two of the Cape Breeders Club Equine Programme got underway this week, following on from a highly encouraging start made by pupils from the first module last year.

The first level of the programme (which is managed by The Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre) ran from March through to October of 2013. The course focused strongly on life skills, more technical issues, and also provided a course in basic health and safety responsibilities.

Of the 50 pupils who participated in the first level of the highly comprehensive programme, a pleasing 43 learners passed the final examination (86% pass rate on the exam enrolment).

These successful candidates were later presented with their certificates at a gala dinner, held at the Elsenburg Agricultural College in December last year.

This is an encouraging start for a course only implemented last year.

The second level (where just 20 of the 50 students from the first module were accepted) involves lessons in business and equestrian care.

The business phase of module two runs from February 5th to 7th, and includes lectures on the money flow on a farm, various administrative procedures, and investment capital required for an agri-business.

Second part of the module commences on February 10th and concludes on the 12th of the same month. The technical aspects taught, which are EQASA head-groom level, focus on a number of equestrian related issues –ranging from horse behaviour to breeding, and yard management.


All the training for the second level will be taught at the Equine Division of the Elsenburg Agricultural College.

The course has been instituted by the Beck Skills Centre in partnership with the Cape Breeders Club, as well as several other leading players in the equestrian industry. The course falls strictly in line with EQASA (Equestrian Qualifications Authority of South Africa) standards, with the aim being to educate and provide the grooms with a strong background in various facets of the industry – notably business, technical knowledge, and basic health and safety related issues.

Many of the Cape’s top farms sent pupils to the course, with the following studs all supporting the series:

Hemel N Aarde

Leading Cape trainer, Glen Kotzen, also supported the course, and sent grooms from his yard to attend the lectures.

A total of 22 students attended the second level of the module, which received a warm reception from all those involved.
Sam Sharkey, was pleased with the students, and their involvement. She said, “Having presented and facilitated training in a number of different environments, I can honestly say that each and every groom participating in this program has been so eager and enthusiastic, taking in every bit of learning as a sponge takes in water.”

One participant, when asked what his least favourite part of the course was, memorably said “going home!”

A number of these students will advance on to the third level of the module – which is scheduled to begin later this year or early in 2015.

In addition, two Level 1 Professional Groom courses will be held in May 2014, and, given the level of support that this course has enjoyed, looks bound to prove popular once again.

Various feedback forms were filled in by the pupils, and largely reflected positively on the course, and what the learners took away. Among the comments regarding the course made were “I appreciate the time and the patience” while another candidate commented, “I think you helped me so much by the knowledge you gave me because I can manage the business finance and my personal finance. You motivated me by the stories of Nick, that makes me become strong and have hope.”

Judging by comments made by all involved, students and teachers alike, this course was a huge success, and is a positive step for future upliftment programmes.





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