The club was established as a non profit organisation with the following objectives:

To encourage and ensure co-operative effort in matters pertaining to the interests of breeders in the Cape.
To assist and collaborate with the NHRA and the TBA in all matters pertaining to the improvement of the breed and its standards.
To confer and collaborate with breeders throughout the world and to convey views and
recommendations in an endeavour to improve breeding and racing.
To encourage investment in and improvement of thoroughbred breeding stock.
To disseminate amongst its members information on all matters affecting breeders.
To foster and promote the strength of breeders in the Cape as a and unique region.
To promote grooms training & education.

stallion: SILVANO


The Cape Breeders Club has focused largely on Grooms Education.
We regard as one of our main purposes. We have educated 195 grooms through our programme to date, which includes a broad spectrum of horse and stable management as well as computer courses, which we have run through the Graham Beck School of Excellence. We have also introduced farm courses which have focused on the following topics:

“The Sick Foal, Sales X-rays – why do we do it, Horses and Worms, Skew legs in foals”

Taking care of the horses post racing has become much more of a focus for the club.

We support a number of the horse-care units, including African Horse Sickness Trust with their “blanket vaccinations” and donate to the AHS task team as well as providing other benefits to the breeders such as G1 Goldmine Stallion Match & True Nicks, and certain publications. The funds are also used for the functions that the Cape Breeders Club undertakes, primarily the Stallion Auction, Awards Dinner and from time to time, seminars. The Club relies solely on the magnanimity of the stallion and mare owners and without them the Club would not be able to do what it does.

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